• 3 Things To Do When You Are Dealing With Water Damage To Your House

    If you have had a pipe break in your ceiling and ended up with rain in your front room, then you probably got so frustrated that you wanted to scream at one point. However, that's not going to help with the cleanup and restoration, even if it may make you feel better in the moment. After you scream in pure frustration, it's going to be time for you to figure out what you need to do in order to handle the mess and get everything back in order.
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  • Five Ways To Prevent—Or Minimize The Effects Of—A Major Plumbing Disaster

    Most plumbing problems are small. Your toilet clogs, and the plumber has to come remove the dog toy that your dog dropped down there. Your pipe starts dripping a little water, so you catch it in a bucket until the plumber arrives. But then there are the terrible disasters—the plumbing emergencies nobody likes to think about. Water comes gushing out of a main pipe, flooding your basement, or your sewer lines clog completely, spewing raw sewage through your upstairs.
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