Building Inspections And Finding Structural Problems Caused By Leaks, Water, And Mold

Posted on: 19 April 2017

Water is something that causes a lot of damage to homes. If you have leaks from roof damage, exterior foundation issues or mechanical failures, water is not the only problem to worry about. Mold will also develop, which is a health hazard or rot of wood may cause structural problems. To find the damage and know what repairs need to be done, here are some of the issues that to look for during a home inspection:

1. Small Roof Leaks That Go Unnoticed and Cause Damage

The roof of your home is an area where leaks may start and often go unnoticed. Sometimes, roof leaks may be in areas like eaves or other structural feature that make them hard to detect. As water gets into these areas of your home, it can create the perfect conditions for a severe mold problem. It is important that you have regular roof maintenance done, as well as repairs done when they are needed; including replacing asphalt shingles that have lived pasted their expected lifespan.

2. Mechanical Condensation Problems That Cause Mildew and Mold

Do you have a musty smell of moisture in your home that you do not know where it is coming from? This may be due to problems with the mechanical systems in your home that have uninsulated materials. Mechanical systems like plumbing and HVAC need to be insulated wherever they are exposed to outside air, such as in a garage, basement or crawlspace. In addition, make sure you check mechanicals in these areas for damage that needs to be repaired.

3. Common Plumbing Leaks That May Lead to Unhealthy Mold Problems

Plumbing is part of your home that you will eventually have to deal with due to some type of repair needs. Leaking pipes are one of the most common causes of costly water damage repairs. Areas like bathrooms and kitchens have the plumbing that gets the most wear, and the pipes in these areas need to be inspected regularly for potential leaks that will cause mold and mildew problems in your home. In addition, make sure bathrooms are well-ventilated to prevent mildew problems that are caused by condensation.

4. Structural Issues That May Lead to Water and Mold Problems In Your Home

There are other structural issues that may lead to mold problems in your home. If you have a basement or exterior foundation walls that are exposed to static water pressure, this eventually causes cracks that lead to leaks. Make sure that your landscaping is well drained and you have the proper systems in place to deal with water runoff. In addition, make sure that flashing on features like decks is not worn or damaged and causing leaks.

When there are leaks causing water to get into your home, you will need to deal with some of the other problems that come with water. Contact a mold removal service to help find the damage and get repairs done to your home as quickly as possible.