Finding Water And Mold In Your Crawl Space? Hire Contractors To Install A Waterproofing System

Posted on: 18 November 2019

Do you have a crawl space in your home that keeps retaining water? The excess moisture inside the crawl space can lead to mold growth. If mold is starting to grow, it can begin to spread and cause problems for everyone who lives in the home. Because you do not want mold to grow, you need to find a way to put a stop to the excess moisture. Eliminating moisture in a crawl space involves relying on expert contractors to help with the waterproofing process.

Why Is Waterproofing Essential?

You may think that it does not matter if mold ends up in your crawl space because you never go inside of that small, secluded area of your home. However, you should know that simply having toxic mold growing in that area of your home can cause major problems for you and your loved ones. Even if you are not directly in front of the mold, it can leave toxic fumes in the air that would make it harder for you to breathe. If you have allergies or asthma, you may experience more problems than usual when there is mold in the home. You could end up with itchy eyes, a cough that will not go away, or even a rash on different parts of your body. Regular exposure to the mold can lead to even more severe health problems that you want to avoid. Because of the severity of the situation, waterproofing is essential. You need to have it done to eliminate any moisture and avoid mold growth.

How Is It Done?

Waterproofing the crawl space involves setting up a system that traps water, eliminates it, and prevents it from sticking around where it would lead to an excessive amount of moisture that causes the mold to begin growing. The contractors can go over some of the details of different systems that tend to work best when carefully installed in crawl space areas. For example, you may need to have a drainage system installed. The drainage system would help with getting rid of any water that begins building up inside the crawl space. Rather than having standing water in your crawl space, the water would go directly down the drain. You may want to have drainage mats installed in the crawl space. The drainage mats assist with keeping water from soaking into the crawl space while getting it to go down the drain.

If your crawl space is already a bit damp, the contractors would need to use a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture. It can take several hours to completely dry out the crawl space, but this is a necessary step. You do not want any excess water or moisture left behind because that is when the mold can quickly start to grow.

When Is It Best to Have It Done?

It is best to have the crawl space waterproofing job done right away. You should not wait until you have more mold or more issues with water and moisture. If you know that water is getting stuck inside your crawl space and there has been no way for you to stop it from happening on your own, you would need to let the contractors install a convenient and efficient waterproofing system. They will discuss the different components of the system with you to make sure you understand the purpose of those components before they get installed.

Mold is not something you want to see in your home. If you are noticing mold in your crawl space, it is due to excess moisture in that area. Even if you do not go into your crawl space, you may still be exposed to the mold. Avoid this problem by hiring contractors that can take care of the crawl space waterproofing job for you.