The Most Compelling Reasons For Waterproofing Your Home's Basement

Posted on: 23 February 2021

The basement is one of the most important areas of your home. However, it can also be one of the most vulnerable, particularly when it is exposed to humidity and water. 

To keep it clean and safe, you need to protect it from these elements. You can use professional waterproofing services to maintain your basement's integrity, value, and usefulness.

Keeping Out Precipitation Runoff

Heavy rainfall and melting snow can pose a real hazard to your basement. As the water runs off your landscape, it can seep into your basement, causing the basement to become saturated or flooded. 

Further, this heavy rainfall and melted snow can take hours or days to dry out and clean. You may not have the time or physical power to clean up such a mess in your basement.

Instead of putting your basement at risk, you can use professional waterproofing to repel water from rain and snow. Waterproofing on the outside of your foundation can deter water as it runs off your landscaping. This prevents the water from getting inside of your basement, where it can cause an expensive and damaging mess.

Avoiding Mold Growth

Another compelling reason to use waterproofing on your basement involves the prevention of mold growth. Mold can cause expensive and long-lasting damage to your home. It can compromise the health of household members who suffer from allergies and asthma. It can also cause skin rashes and breathing problems in even the healthiest of people.

Further, mold is time consuming and expensive to eliminate. Rather than allowing your basement to grow mold, you can add waterproofing to the foundation of your home. You can also add it to the inside of your basement's walls to repel water and keep this part of your home dry. The dry conditions are inhospitable to mold and make it less likely to take root and grow in this part of your home.

Finally, waterproofing can add value to your home. An appraiser may increase your home's appraisal value if he or she sees that the foundation and basement are waterproofed. You can sell your home for a higher price as a result.

Waterproofing offers a number of advantages to your basement. It repels water that can seep inside after heavy rainfall and snow. It can also keep your basement dry and prevent mold, as well as increase your home's value. Contact a company like Central Penn Waterproofing to learn more.